Our Qualifications

We offer a range of programs for both international and domestic students as well as being an approved provider for a range of Government funding opportunities. We have designed all our courses to achieve specific work outcomes and upskill our students in their chosen industries. 


Certificate & Diploma Qualifications

Envirotech Education leads the way for a new approach to education being one of the first organisations to go paperless. Our experienced teachers are committed to creating a safe, friendly and healthy learning environment for our students. 

We have articulation arrangements with Southern Cross University and Griffith University to help you develop your educational pathways. This means that you can gain credit for work completed while studying with Envirotech and reduce the length of time taken to achieve your career goal.  Speak to one of our friendly team members for more information.

Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration

The Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration, and Aquaculture qualifications blend expertise in fostering sustainable regeneration of marine ecosystems with the production of marine life. Those completing these certifications will participate in executing and overseeing aquaculture, marine conservation, and restoration initiatives. They will gain proficiency in monitoring diverse marine and coastal habitats, as well as in executing and overseeing conservation and restoration efforts.

Conservation and Ecosystem Management

The ecosystems conservation and management qualifications are designed to address the skills and knowledge required for paraprofessional work across a range of terrestrial, coastal, and aquatic environments conservation and ecosystem management. Graduates of these qualifications perform a range of tasks, from assistants to trades, operational managerial and/or technical positions often with specialist skills and knowledge in a range of sectors. 

Examples of areas of specialisation include: Indigenous land management ecosystem restoration, rehabilitation, and renewal conservation works. parks management and/or administration wildlife management marine and/or coastal management water and catchment management.

Business Management, Innovation and Sustainability

Sustainability is the science of improving communities’ health and performance focusing on its three pillars: environmental, economic and social. Sustainable operation solutions must address all three pillars, a factor making this department very unique, combining scientific, social, business leadership and financial skills while interacting with real environmental community projects. 

The business industry is highly competitive; therefore, Envirotech ensures that our business qualifications offer our students advanced skills in sustainable development, management, human resources, business operations, business entrepreneurship, international business, finance, and technology. Our learners have opportunities for a range of internships, and on-the-job training in the Vocational Industry Professional (VIP) placement programs alongside various workshops, ensuring our students stand out with their business skills.

Culinary, Hospitality, and Events Management

The Hospitality industry in Australia is one of the most exciting in the world. Envirotech has designed programs that will provide real industry training for our students to take advantage of the opportunities available in this fast-paced industry. We provide our learners with advanced dual and triple accreditations, as well as skill sets accreditations in sustainable hospitality, food safety supervisors and much more. On-the-job training in the Vocational Industry Professional (VIP) placement programs strengthen our student’s employment opportunities.