About Us

Envirotech Education is an Australian Registered Training organization (RTO) registered by the Australian Skill Quality Authority (ASQA) for delivery to domestic and international students.

Envirotech Education provides a supportive environment for students from all backgrounds who desire a comprehensive educational journey. With an unwavering dedication to instilling core values crucial for both personal and career advancement, Envirotech places sustainability at the forefront of its mission. Positioned as a trailblazer in Australia, Envirotech delivers innovative programs such as the Diploma of Sustainable Operations, heralding a future marked by environmental stewardship.  









Envirotech Education was established in 2008, and is committed to the delivery of high quality courses as well as developing the skill set of each student and faculty member we have. Envirotech Education is an Australian Registered Training organization (RTO) registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for delivery to domestic and international students.

Our Vision & Mission

As we strive to become a leading global education provider in business technology and sustainability, we will invest in innovation and entrepreneurship education worldwide. Our local campus will cater to the diverse needs of both domestic and international students, offering abundant informational resources.

Envirotech is committed to inspiring our employees and partners, embracing sustainability, and meeting customer needs. We will ensure students receive a high return on their investment through quality, innovative programs.

Our vision at Envirotech is to equip students for the 21st century using innovation and technology. We will enhance learning with educational platforms and project-based training, enabling students to progress at their own pace towards their career goals.

Envirotech will continue to be at the forefront of globally innovative learning guided by environmental sustainability with foundations in cutting edge technology.



Ricardo Macedo


MSS50118 Diploma of Sustainable Operations

BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

I studied Diploma of Sustainable Operations with Envirotech and I was able to successfully apply for Skills Independent as Environmetal Cunsultant (occupation in high demand in Australias) and receive my Australian Permanent Residence. Previously I studied bachelor’s degree in Agronomy Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Brazil and learning how much agriculture is introducing harmful practices. I decided to dedicate to studies of sustainable operations after competing my Brazilian vocational environmental studies, including: Photovoltaic solar energy, Recovery of Degraded Areas,  Qualitative and Quantitative Survey of Forest Vegetation, Environmental Licensing, Interpretation and Implementation of Environmental Management.

I was very fortunate to receive ongoing migration advice especially and plan my Australian Permanent Residence application as Environmental Consultant after studying 2 years Vocational environmetnal programs with an internship as Environmental Consultant. Today I am employed in Government position in my field of occupation.


Misa Nirasawa


10750NAT Certificate III in Marine Habitat

Conservation and Restoration

I made the decision to pursue the Certificate III in Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration program in Australia due to my profound passion for the ocean. Hailing from Japan, a small island nation that has unfortunately borne the brunt of numerous environmental disasters, my fervor for fostering the health of ecosystems grew exponentially. Witnessing firsthand the detrimental effects of these disasters on our precious marine habitats, I felt compelled to embark on a career path dedicated to their conservation and restoration.

My academic aspirations extend beyond this vocational certification, as I am eager to pursue a university degree in a related field. However, I recognize the value of gaining professional experience alongside my educational pursuits. Thanks to the practical skills and knowledge I acquire through this program, I am confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions to marine conservation efforts while simultaneously advancing my academic journey.

Francesco Cama


BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and


BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management

Embarking on my journey to study abroad, I was faced with the challenge of navigating unfamiliar territory, lacking knowledge of the intricate process ahead. Despite seeking advice from friends and fellow students who had already ventured to Australia, I struggled to progress in my preparations, feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of studying in a foreign country.

However, amidst this uncertainty, Envirotech emerged as a guiding light, recommended by trusted friends. Upon engaging their services, my experience transformed, offering unparalleled ease and assurance. Envirotech became an invaluable ally, providing comprehensive support in every aspect of my journey abroad. Their personalized career development plan aligned seamlessly with my aspirations, and their adept handling of the visa application process ensured a smooth transition to Australia. With their assistance, I secured suitable accommodation, employment, and formed professional networks that enriched my academic pursuits.