Our News – Envirotech-Coralz CEO Shelly Bengiat Shines at Smart City Expo World Congress

From November 7-9, 2023, Barcelona played host to the prestigious Smart City Expo World Congress, a gathering that has become synonymous with urban innovation and forward-thinking solutions. Among the esteemed guests and speakers was none other than Envirotech-Coralz CEO Shelly Bengiat, who took the stage to share her insights on “The Future of Blue Economy Careers & Blue Upskilling.”

About Smart City Expo World Congress


Since its inception in 2011, the Smart City Expo World Congress has emerged as the premier event for cities and urban innovation. Year after year, this global gathering brings together leaders from the most innovative companies, governments, and organizations to collectively address the critical challenges facing our urban centers. With a mission to accelerate progress towards green, efficient, and inclusive cities, the Congress serves as a platform to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and inspire action.


Envirotech-Coralz CEO
Shelly Bengiat’s
Impactful Contribution

As a guest speaker at the Smart City Expo World Congress, Shelly Bengiat brought her expertise and vision to the forefront, focusing on the future of blue economy careers and the importance of blue upskilling in shaping sustainable urban environments. With Envirotech-Coralz’s commitment to environmental stewardship and education, Shelly’s insights resonated deeply with the audience, offering practical strategies for building resilient, ocean-friendly cities.

Empowering the Urban Landscape

Shelly’s participation in the Congress exemplified Envirotech-Coralz’s dedication to driving positive change in urban environments. By emphasizing the potential of blue economy careers and the need for continuous upskilling in this domain, Shelly highlighted the role of education in shaping the cities of tomorrow. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, Envirotech-Coralz is empowering cities to embrace sustainability and create thriving, inclusive communities for all.


Looking Ahead

As the Smart City Expo World Congress continues to inspire and mobilize urban innovation, Envirotech-Coralz remains committed to playing an active role in shaping the future of cities. With visionary leaders like Shelly Bengiat at the helm, Envirotech-Coralz is poised to lead the way in fostering a brighter urban paradigm, one that prioritizes sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity.


Follow along as Envirotech-Coralz continues its journey towards building greener, smarter, and more vibrant cities that leave no one behind.