Our News – Empowering Change: Envirotech-Coralz CEO Shelly Bengiat’s Journey at the BioMarine Event

Last January 30-31, 2024, a pivotal moment in the journey towards a sustainable blue economy as experts from around the globe converged at the BioMarine event. This gathering, focused on marine biotechnology, biomaterials, and sustainable ocean practices, served as a beacon of hope, fostering international cooperation and highlighting the vast potential of the blue economy.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the key highlights and insights that CEO Shelly Bengiat took away from this transformative event:

🌊 Building Capacity for Sustainability: One of the standout themes of the BioMarine event was the emphasis on building the capacity of the BioMarine community for sustainable blue economy development. Through project-oriented training, participants explored innovative approaches to tackle the pressing challenges facing our oceans.

🐬 Forging Collaborative Partnerships: Shelly was inspired by the spirit of collaboration at the event, particularly the partnerships forged with diverse organizations within the BioMarine family. Together, they aim to offer practical experiences and micro-credentials covering a wide range of topics, from marine habitats to aquaculture and sustainability.

🎓 Addressing Skills Gap: Recognizing the critical need for skilled professionals in marine environmental conservation, the BioMarine event tackled head-on the challenge of addressing this skills gap. Shelly left the event with a renewed commitment to investing in education and training to empower individuals to become stewards of our oceans.

🌱 Expanding Educational Reach: Perhaps most exciting was the discussion around franchising the Coralz-Envirotech Group’s Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET) IP. By establishing localized accreditation centers in coastal communities internationally, Shelly and her team are democratizing access to quality education and paving the way for a brighter future.

Shelly extends her heartfelt gratitude to Pierre, Véronique, and Antoine Erwes for organizing such an insightful and impactful conference. It was an invaluable opportunity to share Envirotech-Coralz’s visionary approach and collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to marine education and conservation.

Meeting passionate delegates like Benoît Serive, Tamara Mills, and Professor Wei Zhang left Shelly feeling energized and motivated to make a positive impact in the blue economy. As she reflects on the week’s events, Shelly is filled with excitement about the possibilities and eager to see what the future holds for a sustainable blue economy and ocean life.

Follow along as Envirotech-Coralz continues its mission to create positive change and shape a brighter future for our oceans and marine ecosystems. Together, we can make a difference.