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About Us



Envirotech Government Registration

Envirotech Institute of Education (Envirotech) is an Australian Government Registered Training Organization – RTO Code:  31871.

Envirotech is also approved by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students – Provider number 03094J.


Envirotech Commitment

Our College is strongly committed to the highest academic level accountable and responsible delivery of the Vocation Education Training (VET) Quality Framework.

Envirotech is fully compliant with the RTO standards for excellence in training, offering exemplary student services and a wide range of outstanding courses, designed for both domestic and international students, with tailored programs to suit industry requirements and develop students’ employability skills.


Envirotech Services

Envirotech offers nationally recognized qualifications, from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma, in: Business, Management, Marketing, Commercial Cookery, Hospitality, English, Information Technology, and Training and Assessment for domestic and international students. All our qualifications are recognized by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) for international students.

Envirotech represents a new approach to training, we are a paperless organisation and all our courses are designed to achieve specific work outcomes, upskill all our students, regardless of their academic stream with up-to-date information technology advanced knowledge and working experience by focusing on technology, sustainability and innovation, while offering flexible delivery modes to suit student’s individual learning needs.

Our experienced teachers are committed to creating a safe, friendly and healthy learning environment for our students. We focus on student support and personal attention to produce outstanding results.

We offer a wide range of students support services, including internships, work placements and other human resources services, tutoring, mentoring and also looking after students personal matters.

Envirotech’s campuses provide a beautiful and welcoming environment in which to study, learn, live and work.


Envirotech Mission

  • See all our students succeed by the empowerment of skills, skill sets and qualifications.
  • Qualify our students to find suitable employment, participate in the workforce or start a successful business.
  • Offer our students a diverse range of courses and give our students assistance in gaining work experience through student services work placement schemes.
  • Provide our students with lifelong leadership and mentoring roles leading to personal growth and rewarding careers
  • Understand student individuality and possess awareness of any student circumstances.
  • Offer education and learning experiences for our students to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Receive widespread recognition for our commitment to delivering vocational education and training programs of the highest standard through an ethical, caring and professional approach.
  • Provide a caring and loving learning  environment for staff and students.



Envirotech Audits

All our audits were a high success. To view the last Audit by the national regulator, click on the links below:

Envirotech Audit Report

Envirotech Re- Registration Approval