Work Placement FAQs

Vocational Industry Placement is Envirotech’s mandatory work-based component, allowing students to put into practice the theory and skills they’ve learned in a real professional setting.

VIP is a student’s placement that is by default unpaid vocational or training experience under the Vocational Education Training and Employment Act 2000, however employers can pay at their discretion in compliance with the student visa condition.

Yes, this is a mandatory requirement of all Envirotech courses, ensuring Envirotech’s students gain industry-related experience.

By default, VIP is unpaid; however, employers may choose to pay for students’ placement. Employers are not required to pay according to award rate and can pay any amount of allowance or hourly rate.

Envirotech has default VIP placement host in Queensland and New South Wales. For hospitality and cookery, SOL Gardens is the default partner of Envirotech, with sites in Byron Bay and Gold Coast where students can do their VIP.

Students may bring their own VIP host for Envirotech assessment. Students may nominate their desired workplace as their potential VIP provider, Envirotech will assess its compliance with the VIP program. You may ask to change your workplacement host by discussing with your trainer/assessor or with the VIP team.

VIP agreement is a document that must be signed before the VIP training begins. The Agreement is a three (3) party agreement between the student, the educational institution (Envirotech Education), and the Placement Provider. Your training shifts will not be valid without an Agreement.

It depends. Some workplaces will require you to wear specific clothing and/or shoes. Your work placement supervisor will advise you of the requirements specific to the place you will be at. Ensure you follow the directions given.

Students are required to complete 16 VIP hours per week, for a duration of 40 academic           weeks.

You are required to attend your workplacement weekly and accumulate 16 hours weekly over the 40 academic weeks. You will be expected to show up on time for every shift for which you are rostered. If there is an unforeseen circumstance that prevents you from attending work placement day, ensure you follow the workplace procedures to notify your workplace supervisor. You must also advise your supervisor of any absences.

Envirotech VIP app is a tool for learners to record their VIP logbooks. Once you have signed all the agreement forms, we will send an email with instructions to sign up, and video tutorial link on how to use the app.

It is important that you keep track of the hours you spend in the work placement, as your attendance records. There are mandatory placement units of competency, the expectation is that the number of hours has been set to reflect the minimum length of time required to develop the necessary relevant knowledge and skills.

If you do not complete the number of hours deemed necessary, you will not meet the requirements to successfully complete your course and be issued with your certification. Keeping an accurate record of your working hours is the way to provide evidence of what you have completed.

Yes, VIP hours when recorded correctly may support student skills assessment.

  • Chefs/ Sous Chefs/ Pastry Chefs/ Kitchen Managers
  • Event planner/ coordinator
  • Event designer/ decorator
  • Catering manager
  • Entertainement coordinator
  • Venue manager
  • Transportation coordinator
  • Event assistant
  • Marketing and sales coordinator
  • Beverage and food service
  • Sustainability intern
  • Community outreach intern
  • Customer relations

These are just a few of the many roles students may undertake during their workplacement. Students can explore these roles to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and identify areas of interest for potential career paths.

Sol Gardens and other approved hosts provides students with an exceptional and field related job experience encompassing advantages such as enhancing networking skills, refining communication abilities, bolstering confidence, fostering teamwork, apply for grants and fundings, sustainability for the hospitality sector, event management, event coordination, culinary and kitchen management skills

Your experience at Sol Gardens or other approved hosts will positively impact students’ future career by providing practical skills, industry insights, and valuable networking opportunities, increased chance of employability, thereby enhancing Envirotech’s students’ preparedness and competitiveness in their chosen field.

Sol Gardens mainly caters for weddings. However, the venue also hosts other events such as corporate events, workshops, yoga retreats, baby showers, photo shoots, birthday parties and engagement parties.

Sol Gardens values the growth and development of team members. We offer various opportunities to support your professional development during your time with us. Additionally, we encourage ongoing learning and skill enhancement to keep pace with industry trends and best practices. Our goal is to empower you to reach your full potential and achieve your career goals while contributing to the success of Sol Gardens.

Sol Gardens takes pride in its contributions to both the local community and the event planning industry. Locally, we actively engage in community outreach initiatives such as charity events, fundraisers, and partnerships with local businesses and organizations. By hosting events that benefit local causes and participating in community development projects, we strive to make a positive impact and support the well-being of our community. Additionally, within the event planning industry, Sol Gardens serves as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing.  Through these efforts, Sol Gardens strengthens connections, promotes excellence, and contributes to the overall advancement and prosperity of both the local community and the event planning industry.

Sol Gardens offers our students free access to create own events on our sites to empower students’ leadership in communities’ engagement. Sol Gardens will sponsor Envirotech students’ events that are approved by Envirotech’s trainers and assessors.

There are numerous networking opportunities available for students at Sol Gardens. We actively encourage students to engage with industry professionals, vendors, and clients who frequent our venue.

Sol Gardens delivers four sustainability open days per year, bringing together Gold Coast events, culinary, catering and wedding providers to our site. Students are at the forefront in organising this yearly event.

Whether it’s through assisting with events, attending and helping to organise industry open days hosted at Sol Gardens, or participating in networking events specifically organised for students, there are ample chances to connect with professionals in the event planning and hospitality fields. These networking opportunities provide valuable insights, mentorship possibilities, and potential career connections that can enhance your academic and professional journey in the event industry.

Sol Gardens offers its services to domestic, indigenous, and international clients.

Sol Gardens prioritizes diversity and inclusion in its workforce and events by actively recruiting individuals from diverse backgrounds. In events, they create inclusive atmospheres where all guests feel valued, representing diverse perspectives and collaborating with diverse vendors. By fostering a culture of acceptance and celebrating diversity, Sol Gardens ensures that both its workforce and events reflect a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, ultimately enhancing the quality and inclusivity of the experiences they offer.

Sol Gardens offers you the chance to experience rotation across various roles or departments aligned with the weekly unit topics of your qualification. Sol Gardens provide a thorough learning experience by rotating through diverse roles, helping students to discover their strengths and interests for a successful career in their own industry.