Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration

The Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration, and Aquaculture qualifications blend expertise in fostering sustainable regeneration of marine ecosystems with the production of marine life. Those completing these certifications will participate in executing and overseeing aquaculture, marine conservation, and restoration initiatives. They will gain proficiency in monitoring diverse marine and coastal habitats, as well as in executing and overseeing conservation and restoration efforts.

Graduates will learn how to take leadership and engage the public and media relating to marine conservation and restoration.

From assistants to managers and supervisors these accreditations provide skills and knowledge for the use of monitoring equipment, collect samples, construct marine nurseries, and learn how to grow and transplant corals, shellfish, kelp, and coastal vegetation. Other graduates may take part in activities relating to marine pollution and response to stranding of wildlife species. They will also build skills related to securing and managing funding related to project planning and implementation. They will have the competencies required to plan and manage conservation, restoration, and monitoring activities in a range of marine habitats including: coral reefs; kelp forests; shellfish reefs; mangrove forests; seagrass; coastal dunes. 

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