Enrolment Fee

This is a once per course or per package administration fee covering the required administration work, materials and staff time to enrol a student into our systems.

* Excluding those enrolling under the VET Student Loans Program.

VET Materials Fee

Materials fees include fees and charges associated with online learning system access or goods that are used to produce items that become your physical property. The materials fees associated with the program or course (subject) you are studying are made available prior to your enrolment.

Payment Plan Fee

The Payment plan fee is charged to cover the required administration cost of setting up, maintaining and monitoring the payment plan for the duration of the payment plan period.

Full list of inclusions

When enrolling into the cookery and patisserie related courses, students are required to have the following materials:


Traditional Chef Jacket Short Sleeve with white stud buttons

Traditional Trousers Drawstring check

Flat Top Hat White

Neckerchief White

Bib Apron medium Black


Stico Club Chef Clogs                

EQUIPMENT KIT                         

1 x Cooks Knife 21cm Premium

1 x Pairing Knife – 9cm – Premium

1 x Turning Knife – 8cm – premium

1 x Boning Knife – 15cm – Rigid – Premium

1 x Filleting Knife – 21cm - Flex – Premium

1 x Pastry Knife – 26cm – Premium

1 x Steel Sharpening – 21cm – Premium

1 x spatula – 20cm – Straight

1 x Scraper – Bowl – Plastic

1 x Piping Bag – 40cm

1 x Wisk Piano wire – 30cm

Piping Nozzles set of 7 Plain

Piping Nozzles set of 7 Star

Spatula – Silicon – 26cm – Heat Resistant

Tongs – 23cm – S/s

Wooden Spoon – 30cm

Melon Baller – Double Ended

Pastry Brush – 38mm  - Wood Handle

Peeler – U Shape

Padlock – Brass – 20mm

Knife case – 17 piece

2 x Tea Towl – 46 x 77cm – Cotton

Thermometer – Digital – water Resistant

Cutters set x 6 – double sided – Plain and Fluted plastic

Roller Docker

Measuring cup set

Measuring spoon set

Drawstring Bag - Black