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Why 600 students chose to study with Envirotech Education

20.02.2020 at 13:56

My name is Shelly Bengiat, I am the founder, director and CEO of Envirotech Education (‘Envirotech’). I am also a registered migration agent from 2005, MARN: 0532932. I am an Australian and Israeli citizen and my work at Envirotech is led by passion for ecology, technology and sustainability. I could not enjoy more working with international students from all around the world and developing worldwide initiatives. We deliver various disciplines, including Information Technology, Business, Project Management, Early Education, Hospitality, Environmental Management, Sustainability and more.


We are Student Visa Experts

Envirotech are Student Visa program experts, we maintained our level 1 risk and previously were part of the first 50 RTOs that participated in the Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) program.

We have had several registered migration agents working in our company for over a decade. We are passionate about creating exciting pathways for our international students and to ensure the continuation of a strong, compliant and low risk recruitment student visa program as experts in our different markets, e.g.: Brazil, Latin America, Europe, Philippines, etc., so that we continue to offer our students  a low risk Student Visa application.

We have permanent local staff members, that previously worked for various government agencies, including the U.N and U.S Aid, to ensure that our students have the support required to comply with the student visa application and program.

For over a decade, Envirotech has provided vocational training to thousands of students from over 60 different countries, with much success in winning national and international recognition for our educational innovation and unique students proposition.


We operate in the best campus water front Locations 

Envirotech employs over 100 employees, in 7 countries: mainly in Australia, Israel, Colombia, Brazil, Philippines and Europe. We have 4 campuses in Australia and a field station in Utila, Honduras:

  1. Burleigh Campus, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast - Beachfront
  2. SOL Campus, Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast - Creek Front
  3. Australian Fair Campus, Southport, Gold Coast - Beachfront
  4. Belongil Campus, Byron Bay - Beachfront

Envirotech training programs are embedded in sustainability, innovation and always operate from amazing waterfront best locations!


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We are a yearly award winners for our educational products

In each of the last three years our organization was the winner of prestige Australian national awards:

2019 – Winners of Queensland Premier Award for Sustainability.
2019 – Finalist for Premier Award for International Woman in Business
2018 – Mayor Innovation Award – Gold Coast Business of the year, July 2018
2017 – Queensland VET Student of the year

Envirotech Education is the only RTO in Australia delivering the Diploma of Sustainable Operations and Marine Conservation and Restoration qualifications under the VET framework to domestic and international students and we received several awards in Australia and internationally for our unique proposition and innovative courses and programs.


 Our Work placement program 

We participate in various Australian domestic students funding and work placement programs and we have integrated the studies of Sustainability across all our disciplinary qualifications. We have also invested in various innovative partnerships to empower our students, such as the National Innovation Games, our Startup Innovation Hub, university credits and more.


Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration – changing the world!

Envirotech recently registered the first worldwide intellectual property of VET accreditation in Marine Courses. This recent important milestone that awarded us national and international recognition, resulted in Envirotech having the ability to offer nationally accredited courses in Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration under the VET standards, a project developed together with Australian, Israelis, Pilipino  and Brazilian Marine Scientists.

The exciting outcome is the educational reform that will allow vocational training in Marine to both international students and Indigenous people, to become trained and accredited in the first National Accredited Courses in Marine Protection jobs, and creating a new localized and afforded local skilled workforce that hopefully generate demand to support our stressed ocean ecosystems.

Our Marine VET Standards aligns to national and international marine protection programs, including the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Long-term sustainability plan by creating marine job opportunities, as alternative to non-sustainable fishing and reducing professional marine employment costs.

Since we consider that the ecological problems are fundamentally social, spiritual and educational problem, our determination is to continue developing Envirotech unique courses to address these multiple social dimensional problems by research, consultation and collaboration with international leading educational institutions in these areas worldwide.


Investing in our social and ecological future

Environmental Management and Sustainability as a VET accreditation is an important milestone in creating practical vocational pathways to promote ecological accountability into mainstream training in both domestic and international markets. 

We created an in-house business and project incubation program hosted by the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, and this is a practical managerial multidisciplinary capacity building program, that assists our international students to have a positive influence in various communities. 



Export Market and Overseas Students: Challenges and big wins 

We service our overseas recruitment networks by employing overseas representatives in Europe, Latin America, Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines and Israel. We make efforts to participate in international education, ecological and innovation leadership events. Last year we participated in Brazil in the opening of the Blue Economy, a 12 years project powered by the World Bank, and on international Ocean Day. 

The target we have set for our second decade of operation is expansions to offshore accreditation and delivery under community outreach projects and setting offshore business research and development partnerships.

Innovation Hub, Games and Professional Work Outcomes

Our Innovation Hub is another challenge and win, creating a program that acts as projects incubator that supports multidisciplinary learning programs with different projects starting every five weeks and lasting over 6 months. We regularly participate in the National Innovation Games, an amazing initiative by the Honorable Minister Karen Andrews, we enjoy playing and winning so we can promote our students to get the best jobs in their field.

Sustainability and 2019 QLD Export Award 

We couldn’t be more honored ending this year and decade as QLD winners of the Premier Sustainability Award. I am proud of being part of making such a positive footprint in the development and delivery of Environmental Management and Sustainability Courses, introducing these values across disciplines and of Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration as the first National Marine Protection Australian VET accreditation.  


The Gold Coast and Byron Bay

I have lived on the Gold Coast since 2003. I consider Byron Bay and the Gold Coast to be the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. It is more relaxed than other cities, there is focus on innovation, lifestyle, fun, beach, nature, and a youthful vibe. It’s a city with so much potential and amazing natural resources. 

Land and water sustainability are emerging, and critical skill sets emerge internationally. Our passion toward environmental management, sustainability business technology and innovation continue to be our motivation to create and develop opportunities in Australia’s best locations.

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