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The many faces of Byron Bay

13.04.2017 at 06:10


In recent times, with renewed interest in the beaches in New South Wales, this idyllic habitation is moving up the ladder with international visitors flocking to the norther NSW shores at Byron Bay.

Named after John Byron, who was a circumnavigator and also the grandfather of poet Lord Byron, its history dates way back to 1770, when Lt. James Cook anchored the Bark Endeavour.  

The surrounding water is rough and the area is littered with shipwrecks that are both beautiful and tourist hot spots for photos and days out on the water.

Like its other famous coastal destination, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay has been attracting surfers from as early as 1960. Byron Bay also has the reputation of being a hippy’s delight after the Aquarius Festival started taking place, in 1973. 

The major economy of Byron Bay is tourism and more recently, education. Home to quite a few schools and educational institutes, Byron Bay provides plenty of opportunities for secondary and tertiary education. EnviroTech Education has a campus situated there and imparts quality training through its well-qualified teachers and trainers.  

With surfing being a major revenue earner, plenty of resorts and hotels have sprung up in the area amongst the quieter camping grounds. Whale watching has become a very popular tourist attraction because of that, it has become a major contributor to the local economy. Being close to the subtropical rainforests, Byron Bay has quite a few nature reserves and waterfalls for everyone to visit. Because of the scenery all along the region and untouched greenery, skydivers have a field day.



Byron Bay and its romanticism is a well-known phenomenon. The open sky, the flocks of birds, the azure and the distant roar of the breaking waves. The poet's heart seems to be throbbing here, calling for the wild to eternally mix with the white waters and the distant horizon.  But is it calling you?

The town of Byron Bay is sparsely populated, the 2011 census pegging it at 4959. That’s how empty the place is (except in tourist season)!  Wide open areas filled with foliage and the sound of the breaking waters it makes for a perfect setting. 

Some of the things that one should do at Byron Bay:

1. Surf

2. Surf more

3. Visit the many musical gigs that take place

4.  For the academic, there is EnviroTech Education, who through their Byron Bay campus, provide quality education to students. Students who come from all over the world. 

The Byron Bay Campus of EnviroTech Education has state of the art classrooms and seminar halls as well as an Industry ready syllabi. 

Byron Bay, after all these years, is still a mystery. An enigma wrapped in beaches and breakwaters. Its influence over its many fans is sublime yet strong. People come back to a place which nice beaches, though the best and has a perennial traffic problem. Probably it’s the magic in the air which pulls them back. 

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