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Thanks for joining Boma Momentum event viewing party

07.02.2020 at 14:03

On Thursday, 6th of Feb, an enthusiastic group of people accepted our invitation and came to Boma Momentum viewing party. Boma is a global community that brings together optimistic, resolutely committed and active people to rethink the world.

Together we watched to 15 talks.

Coralie Chevallier is a cognitive science researcher. She studies the cognitive factors that influence social behavior. Her most recent work focuses on how stress, insecurity and uncertainty affect the decisions of individuals in various fields (social trust, political attitudes, education, health, etc.).

Théo Scubla and Fanny Prigent are respectively CEO and COO of WERO, the first headhunting firm specializing in the replacement of refugees, for companies looking to diversify their sourcing, find motivated and committed candidates, and send a positive message to society.

Marc Buckley has been involved in Climate Activism for a long time and he shared with us how to run faster than climate change by being an impactful and exponential human being!

If you couldn't make it to the event, no worries. Today, the talks are available at Boma Youtube channel.

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