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Learning English in Envirotech: tips and tricks

21.02.2017 at 15:13

As you work to improve your English skills, it’s always helpful to have some tricks and tips to help you stay motivated. So there are some of them you can use in your everyday life studying in Envirotech:

  1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Even if it’s scary to speak if you’re unsure, just go for it!
  2. Ask people to speak slowly. If you have difficulty understanding English speakers just ask them to speak slowly. Usually, if you do this speakers will also speak more clearly or choose easier vocabulary.
  3. Live with native English speakers. Daily interactions and conversations will jettison your vocabulary and comprehension.
  4. Work with English speakers. Vocabulary needed to work in different areas will become a vital part of your livelihood in Australia so get out there are start getting some-on-the-job English.
  5. Make English speaking friends. Although it may feel more natural to gravitate towards people who speak your native language, making friends who speak English will be invaluable to you in your English speaking journey. 
  6. Watch English movies. Even if you need to use subtitles in English, watching movies is a great way to improve your listening stills with a feature you don’t get to use in real life, pause!
  7. Listen to music. While your favourite songs will still be in your native language, listening to music in English is a great way to passively practice. 
  8. Read! Read in English as much as possible. Choose a magazine that interests you because the articles are usually shorter. Read your local newspaper. Don’t feel like a failure if you try to read a book in English and you give up. Just stick to the short stuff because reading should be enjoyable. 
  9. Find some podcasts. These days there are so many wonderful podcasts to help you learn English. This way you can learn while cooking dinner, or going for a run. 
  10. Keep a journal of new vocabulary. Try to write down the words to hear or see and review them daily and try to use them in conversation.  
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