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In dialogue with High School students

03.08.2020 at 11:51

Envirotech Education participated in a Career Expo at Pacific Pines High School on Wednesday, July 29th.   We were able to set up a stand to share, with students and staff, the certificate courses we have to offer.  Excitingly, Envirotech was able to show students that whilst we offer standard courses for many years, we also have unique qualifications that address society’s current needs and emerging job roles.

"We were invited to participate at the Career Expo at Pacific Pines State High School in order to open up possibilities for students who want to study with us, either during high school or after they finish Year 12," says Fatima Rama, Marketing Manager at Envirotech Education. Fatima attended the event with some of the team from the High Schools Program department – Paula Lancaster (High School Manager), Frank Guarnaccia (Academic Manager), and Maria Luiza Schmitz Fontes (Marine Studies Lead Teacher).

Regarding Marine Courses, students will have the competencies required to participate in conservation, restoration, and monitoring activities in marine areas, which are crucial to the future of our planet.  According to Maria, students were interested in knowing if the courses were more practical or theoretical, what they would learn during their studies, and what career options they would have after completing such qualification.

The Marine course is 50% practical.  Some of the activities include photography for fieldwork, including taking underwater photographs, quadrant sampling, snorkeling with marine life (e.g. sharks and manta rays), monitoring seagrass meadows, mangroves, and sand dunes.

In relation to environmental courses, students will develop skills and gain knowledge in order to monitor and address environmental issues in a variety of industry sectors.  Today, more than ever, we are aware of the obligation and need to care for nature.  Business sectors require qualified people to assist them with implementing environmental management programs and plans to reduce impact and consequently their carbon footprint. Thus, this avenue of study is moving into a career that has ever-growing demands and ever-developing opportunities.

Regarding technology, students will advance their knowledge and skillset.  We often take it for granted that our students know technology as they were born into a technological world and because they use computers.  This is not in fact true. Technology is a fast-changing field of work, with new algorithms, scripts, visual tools, etc. developed every day.  COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the need of having experts in technology to assist in communication via digital platforms.  The exciting aspect of Envirotech’s IT courses is that the areas of specializations are widely distinct and cater to a broad variety of skills and interests; from the creative mind – digital media - to the logical mind – programming.  

“Wow! What a fantastic time we had visiting Pacific Pines State School.  It was heart-warming to meet so many enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.  Speaking with polite, keen and inquisitive students was enjoyable and fun.  Our team left feeling positive about the future careers for our youth and the impact they will have on our world.  Significantly, their interest in wanting to work towards a career which helps our world – our marine habitat, our environment – was inspiring”, concludes Paula.

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