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How relevant is Digital Media?

09.06.2017 at 11:40

“Whoever controls the media controls us.” – Allen Ginsberg

Media for the longest period of time has been our primary source of information. In fact, long before the internet came into being; it was the print media who had kept us enthralled. With the advent of technology, the media got a new lease of life. It went digital and had an outreach which became difficult to fathom.

Welcome to the world of Digital Media, where every information is stored in bytes and shown in pixels.




How relevant is Digital Media?

The answer lies in the many smartphones which occupy every hand and mind that the primary occupation of most individuals is to concentrate into a device for more bytes, exemplifies the importance of it.

At EnviroTech Education, there are quite a few courses that are dedicated to this subject. There are certificate courses as well diploma courses as well as a dual course which provides the participants with a wholesome experience as well as knowledge.

At the end of the courses, the students will obtain a Microsoft Productivity Certification.

Why are educational institutes in Australia, like their international counterparts, so serious about a course in Digital Media Technologies?

The answer is quite simple to find. With rapid industrialisation, the scope of the internet has increased. Organisations now wish to reach out to people in a more standardised manner. The proliferation of the net has only augmented this facility. There are social Medias which have jumped on this bandwagon and players like Facebook, Instagram has become the new virtual battlefield for advertisers. Newer technologies are being created to enhance user experience. Marketing has been taken to a new level. The concept of selling has undergone a metamorphosis and is no more a mundane process. It involves programming, software development and an entire community of media managers and analysts who research, report and regain.

So what all does Digital Media entail:

· ecommerce

· Games

· Websites

· 2d and 3d Animation

· Social media

· Video through YouTube or embedded in Facebook

· Augmented reality (AR)

· Virtual reality (VR)

· Data visualization

· Location-based services

· Interactive Storytelling

· Mobile applications


They can be found in a myriad of industries. Some of them are:

· Entertainment

· Technology

· ecommerce

· Health

· Education

· Marketing

· Government

· Sports

· Environment

· Television

· Publishing

· Advertising


The list is endless and with each passing day, this will keep growing.

So what are the scope of students who have an interest in the Digital Media and Technologies?

As they say, the sky is the limit.

One can join as a Business Development Manager, a Digital Media Lead, A Digital Marketing Analyst, a software programmer specializing in e-commerce, App developers, etc

Each course in Envirotech Education is designed keeping the industry in mind and their needs and the teaching methodology is state of the art. There is a separate certificate course for Programming for those who are interested in harnessing the power of IT.

With Digital Media, words can fall short, but the opportunities will not.

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