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How “job ready” are you?

06.04.2017 at 07:00

So you are a confident young soul, ready to take on the world. Your education has provided you with enough firepower to burn competition. You have ticked all the boxes for success and you are an interview away from your dream job. The day arrives and your name is called. Your moment starts. The interview ends and you do not make it. You are crestfallen and have no idea what went wrong. 

This is a situation not unique to any one in particular. Human Resource departments around the world look for very specific traits in each candidate. It is very important to remember the difference between skill and portraying that skill. While recruiters do look for prioritised skills, ones which will hit the mark in that industry, they also look at some secondary skills or transferable skills. These vary from sector to sector.

In the hospitality sector, communication is of key importance. That is because this industry exists on customer interaction. However, just communication skills will not be helpful, if you do not have the skill to empathise, then it wont be of much use in the workplace when dealing with customers. 

For those looking for jobs as a programmer, communications skills are not considered to be as primary skills. However, organisations are also looking for soft skills. The reason is simple - every employee begins from the base and rises up the ranks through years of experience and will be trained in a variety of roles within the dynamic and ever-changing digital business. There are positions which come up for team leads and managerial ones, which depend on internal promotions. A programmer with nil people skills will never be able to make for an effective manager. 

Industry specific skill training is becoming a necessity, this is because of the age of specialisation. With the rapid expansion of business, opportunities, too, are rising. Envirotech Education have been busy creating innovative courses and state of the art syllabus to ensure the dynamic and well balanced education of its students. The aim is to provide the companies with qualified manpower, who will be well acquainted with the dos and don’ts of the industry. Companies want readily skilled individuals who will not take much time to get industry ready. 

To create such prospects, educational institutes in Australia, have invested in the college training. Envirotech Education is one such institute which stands out in the crowd of skill providers. It is one of those places which understand the exact need of the hour. 

The salient feature of its courses is as follows:

* Qualified faculty

* State of the art classroom sessions

* Industry ready curriculum

* Interaction with experts from other reputed institutes

One of the most outstanding features of Envirotech Education is the Accelerator programs combined with a range of our courses. These are incubators which blend technology with sustainability, perseverance, and entrepreneurship. 

Are you job ready yet? If not, this is the place to be.

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