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Hospitality and its grace

11.09.2017 at 15:05

The travel industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Every country has understood the importance of tourism and has started putting their best foot forward.

With the rise in the number of tourists, the hospitality industry, too, has seen a steady rise.

* What is the Hospitality industry?

The hospitality sector is divided into 4 broad categories:


· Food and Beverage

· Lodging

· Recreation

· Travel and Tourism

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All the four require separate specialization and most institutes do offer these courses to students.

The Food and Beverage industry can also be further categorized into the food service industry. This industry consists of businesses who prepare food for customers. In some countries, this consists of the largest segment of Hospitality.

Whys is a certification necessary in hospitality?

A certification means a certain level of specialization has been achieved in that particular field. In the cut-throat world of hospitality management, this is all the more necessary. One has to achieve a certain degree of proficiency to administer guests. One needs to remember that this sector is not only dynamic but fickle minded too. Guests will only turn into patrons if they decide to come back over and over again.

The hospitality sector is also dependent on quite a few factors like the economic condition of the country, safety and security, natural calamities and so and so forth. It also has to deal with a whole lot of paper works and licenses and approvals,

quality of product, food, and service and hence managing it is indeed a gargantuan task.

In Envirotech Education, the participant is given a firsthand account of how to brace oneself for all the challenges. The quality of the food served to the time taken to serve it to the ambiance and overall service a guest gets is what a student of the Certificate Course of Hospitality will be learning.

What is the scope in Hospitality?

If I am using the word immense, that would be an understatement. With newer avenues of guest handling opening and older markets rejuvenating and competing with the teeming newbies, there is no dearth of opportunities.

The truth remains that demand is far outstripping supply and hospitality majors are looking for well trained and groomed individuals. They are the ones who will shoulder the responsibility of the restaurant, hotel, bar or even a takeaway counter and make it the place to visit for its clientele.

The hospitality sector has seen a phenomenal growth. It has been estimated that worldwide travelers spend $830 billion dollars a year for hotel stays. An estimated 700,000 hotels and resorts are scattered all over the world with a total of 4.9 million rooms in the US alone.

With these humungous numbers, one can imagine the kind of employment this sector generates. Add to this the vast restaurant chains, culinary departments, recreational outlets and the canvas suddenly becomes much wider and immensely vast.

Hospitality spells of elegance and duty at its best. May the best win!

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