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Envirotech Education is Leading a VET Reform

25.02.2021 at 21:14

On 22.02, Envirotech held an online webinar; Marine, Environmental & Sustainability Tech Vocational Education Reform - Marine Protection Environmental Management, Sustainability Pathways & JobsThe webinar was viewed by more than 100 people from industryschools and indigenous communities throughout Australia. The webinar included many speakers from vast backgrounds, amongst them - Cassie Grover, full-time Secondary Science and Marine Studies teacher, Carmel Guy, compliance consultant with extensive experience for over 26 years in the VET sector and Shelly Bengiat, the founder and CEO of the Envirotech International Group. 

The objective of the webinar was to support Australia wide VET Environmental Reform by listing environmental management, sustainability, land and marine conservation and restoration as critical priority occupations in each Australian state. Additionally, funding these accreditations for all Australian students – High Schools and Adults. There is no current government funding because Environmental Management, Sustainability, Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration are currently not listed as priority occupations. 

“Marine environmental conservation initiatives and community engagement are growing faster than the skill development of career positions. Future actions require clear career pathways to attract workers and develop their skills, with set streams from beginners to seasoned professionals, outside of tertiary requirements, to meet industry and employer demands," affirms Cassie Grover, one of the speakers. Ms Grover is a full-time Secondary Science and Marine Studies teacher, VET Trainer and Assessor, Career Guidance Practitioner, and Reef Guardian member. She has worked in remote North Australia for nearly 30 years. 

Together, with marine industry leaders, Envirotech Education has already applied for marine protection to be listed as a Queensland critical priority occupation. The goal is to create an environmental reform that will allow any school to offer these courses and accreditations for free; to create funded traineeships and apprenticeships in these occupations; to provide funded pathways for employment and employers financial incentives, to lead sustainable and cost effective marine development projects; and to empower youth to study these pathways in VET - building bridges from schools to jobs and/or schools to university to jobs. 

To be able to lead this reform, Envirotech Education needs support letters from industry. If you would like to help, please email us and we will send you more information. 

 You may access individual presenters, from the webinar or the full recording through our Facebook or on our YouTube Channel.  

 Click here to access the YouTube Playlist. 

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