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Envirotech Education attends the ICEF

12.04.2017 at 02:50


With a full schedule, Envirotech Education met more than fifty potential business partners during our visit to Cairns, ICEF! All of these great agents were interested in offering students a quality-centered education in Australia. It was great to see the willingness of some talented education providers, service providers and agents to offer a better service to students and maximize their experience.

In addition to these highly experienced and knowledgable providers, we encountered with some current partners, meeting them for the first time and seeing again our long standing associates. We had the opportunity to chat and build on these relationships, celebrating our current efforts and looking forward at new opportunities to come.

Envirotech Education has a refreshed view and has a renewed focus on our core values surrounding economic and environmental development. This has triggered high interest from our audiences and has focused on our recently launched course “Diploma of Sustainable Operations”. Study agents were also very happy with Envirotech Accelerator programs that offer 6 month professional internships and the opportunity to get project-based experience on their fields of study in order to develop the most well rounded and industry ready students. This impacts on the VET Sector having the highest rate of employment after graduation.
We were privileged to attend different seminars focused on the education sector is evolution within Australia and how our International students’ enrolments have reached record levels in 2016. It was especially inspiring to listen representatives from the State of Queensland, and their leadership with more than 1/3 of International students enrolled with Queensland education providers, including Envirotech Education.

A standout speaker for us was Alice Maclean – Director of Student and Graduate Visas, Temporary Visa Programme, Visa and Citizenship management from the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) who offered a seminar with clear guidance about how to apply legislation and assistance with complex cases. Something highly valuable in the ever changing international student environment that will assist us in the future. It is this type of commitment to excellence and diligent work that has lead Envirotech Education to be awarded as risk level 1 school which is the best qualification an education provider can be awarded!


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