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Culinary skills and the art of fulfilling

08.05.2017 at 16:06

Like the hospitality sector is an explosively growing sector! Hotel are fully booked, restaurants are popping up all through social hubs and resorts are expanding to cope with demand all over the world, which would ideally mean that the demand for trained culinary experts is always on the rise.

This is the reason why institutes all over the world are churning out chefs and putting them into the industry right away. At Envirotech Education, the process is streamlined with the inception of a combined certificate course.  In this course, Commercial cookery and Patisserie is included as well as an advanced diploma in hospitality management. With state of the art curriculum and an industry approved training program, the culinary art education is a winner.

Culinary skills are activities which are related to “cooking, preparation to cook, and presenting the meal.” It is an exercise which involves the chef and their assistants. Culinary skills are part of the hospitality industry and are generally taken as a segment of the food and beverages division. With advancement in food technology, this skill has reached an art form. 

Students on our Byron Bay campus

So, what are the prospects one gets after acquiring this skill?

Good food is always in need. People go to great lengths to search for good food in their local areas, trialing and visiting new places every week. It is said that the way to any one’s heart is through the stomach. Chef’s around the world go to great lengths to create magic, providing their patrons with a variety of dishes, each better than before and always pushing limits. Culinary experts often possess a great need to understand the science behind every dish. 

Culinary art is not just limited to the different ways of cooking a dish, but expands to the plating and table presentation, sometimes even the delivery and accompanying service! Garnishing the food after it's cooked and presenting it with a flourish is itself an art and they form a very important part of the curriculum of every culinary finishing school.  

How well paying is the job?

Top chefs earn in millions of dollars, endorse products, appear on television and have their own chain of restaurants. Even if one is not looking that far, chefs and talented culinary assistants have a great lifestyle!

So, what is a typical job responsibility for a chef or a head cook?

* Similarly to a project manager, manage all operations in the kitchen and coordinate between all the cooks

* Create special or theme menus 

* Ensures that the restaurant is compliant with all the state and federal rules and safety standards

* Have a hold on maintaining the budget and plays an important part in the profitability of the restaurant.

The culinary course at Envirotech Education to provide our student with all the necessary information which will help or her to rustle up a storm in the kitchen.

Bon Appétit!!

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