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Communication in the super highway

31.07.2017 at 11:19

The prime outcome of communication will be to provide information for further action. Effective communication plays an important role in binding teams and driving innovation. In the highly competitive and technical sphere of Information, Communication, and Technology or ICT, as it is lovingly called; communication assumes a greater role of eminence. ICT is at the forefront of creation in the modern world. It envelopes the world within the framework of bits and bytes and supports the flow of information from one corner of the world to the other.

So how can we use ICT s a tool to further the education?

As the precursor to innovation ICT combines technology with newer methodologies to create a vaster canvas. Students will now be able to fathom and comprehend the nature of courses provided to them with the help of tools which ICT provides them with. And the options are vast.

Some of the examples of ICT that we use in our daily lives:

· Websites

· Smart Phones

· Digital Media

· Internet of Things (IOT)


All these combined; build the world’s largest communication backbone.


As more and more devices get connected to this revolution and more areas are plucked out of internet darkness, the spread of knowledge will be more rapid and pronounced. ICT is the key to development. In fact, Daniels (2000) had suggested that ICT, in a relatively, short time, has become the building block of society. And because of this most countries, in fact, all, have considered mastering the skills and concepts of this phenomenon as one of the core objectives of education. The development they say will piggyback education because knowledge is power and power are infinite.

At EnviroTech Education, this adage is considered to be the stepping towards a fruitful and successful career. With a greater focus on skill development in the field of Media, Communications, and Technology, the idea is to help the students achieve as much proficiency in the field as possible.

With industry ready courses, state of the art facilities for classroom training, innovative course structures and highly qualified faculty, this is the place to be.

EnviroTech Education is also keen to harness the entrepreneurial skills of its students and hone it to a greater level. For this purpose, it has established incubators where technology is used to further the cause of innovation and creativity.

It understands the need for the participants to be thinkers and not just conform. The ability to query is one of the greatest gifts to have been bestowed upon us. Everything around us is based on a logical conclusion and it is logic alone that bestows the field of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) with great responsibility.

ICT has long been used a tool for development and wit its immense scope and capabilities it is expected to do more. The future seems to be in great hands and the combined team of EnviroTech Education and ICT will make it worthwhile.

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