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Childhood Eccentricities and their study

17.07.2017 at 11:41

The childhood is a magical moment both for the creator and the created. This is the time when both mother and child experience life in a whole new way. The development of the child attains utmost priority and this period of growth is part of his or her formative years.

Early childhood education and care deal with the understanding of the continuation of care and the relevance of the combination of both care and education. A PWC report of 2011 stated quite a few interesting numbers, which showed the importance of the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC):

· GDP benefit due to increased female participation in workforce: $6.0bn

· GDP benefit due to quality education being imparted to children along with proper care: $10.3bn

· GDP benefit due to participation of vulnerable children: $13.3bn



With such gains to be made, the government of Australia had made it mandatory to spread its reach across the country. At EnviroTech Education, we teach this course with the same vigor, we do with the others. It is an opportunity for us to shape the future as well look into the challenges of the current generation.

In recent years there have indeed been a few changes that have taken place in the field of early childhood education and care. An effort has been made to impart quality knowledge sharing among peers and students.

The following are some of the highlights of the work done to enhance the prospect of early childhood education and care:

· Setting up of a consistent Quality Standards list which will be nationally relevant

· A quality rating system with five levels of interest:

- Excellent

- Exceeding the NQS (National Quality Standards)

- Meeting the NQS (National Quality Standards)

- Working towards the NQS (National Quality Standards)

- Significant improvement required in order to meet the NQS (National Quality Standards)

· Improved regulation to enhance teacher-child ratio as well as creating a new set of educational requirements.

· Setting up of a framework which will ensure timely and up to date development of the curriculum



The basic premise of these programs is aimed mostly at children from a disadvantageous background. The PWC report which earlier has been mentioned suggested a marked increase in the national GDP if they become a part of this effort. The other advantage is the decrease in the number of children having to suffer not so favorable family life.

At Envirotech Education, we understand the frailties of relationships and how it weaves its way around a society. With the ECEC, we intend to bridge the gap between despair and hope, fate and opportunity. Community participation is a major highlight in such courses. The relevance is not lost on us. The mother is an integral part of every family. We want to put her up that pedestal.

One of the barriers for such a course is usually the cost and through firm regulatory arrangements, the government along with the participating institutes has made an attempt to dispel them.

The child and the mother are what make the crux of continuity. The course is also a part of that continuum.

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