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28.04.2017 at 13:47

English is a universal language. It is spoken by the majority of the human race. The language has gained much ground in countries where English is not spoken as the first language, like India. India has the largest English-speaking population in the world among the non-native English speaking countries.

English is the third most spoken language, right after Mandarin and Spanish.

However, over a period of time, English has also transformed as a language. No country speaks the same dialect of English as the other. Local influences have crept in, hence making the way of speaking unique to each nation and culture. In the Australian context, there has been marked difference in the way the language is spoken.

Known as Australian English, this is a major variety of the language and is spoken throughout the continent. Though it is not mentioned in the constitution as the official language, it is a foregone conclusion since it is the only one spoken everywhere.

Australian English began to move away from British English, after the founding of the colony of New South Wales in 1788 and by 1820, it was different enough to be considered a separate language.

The language has undergone major changes in vocabulary, accent, pronunciation, grammar and spelling and it is now known that this happened primarily due to the interactions with the different regions of the British Isles. These regions had their own local influences which over a period of time, got absorbed into the Australian way of speaking.

American English is the most easily understandable English dialect. That is because its spelling is more phonetic, grammar more oriented towards a pattern and its pronunciations more legible and easy to comprehend. The British English tend to confuse the most by its grammar constructions and spelling rules.

Australian English denounces both. It is not a great follower of the class based acts of the British system or the more fluid American system. Australian English has a more definite bias towards invention, deception, profanity, humor and a society

that is devoid of any class and sections. There is a reason for this. Australian history has always being linked with the more painful penal settlements that the continent originally was. There is a certain identity crisis at play and this can actually sound quite offensive to people who are unaccustomed to a more formal way of communication. Also, a certain Aboriginal influence can also be sensed in the way they speak.

The Australian way of speaking English is derived from the convict population it is derived of. Hence the free usage of slangs and the way newer words are created to fit into the current narrative and way of life.

Universities in Australia are more prone to American English though certain courses do let participants get a glimpse of what British English is all about. They once ruled the planet and the language is a testament to that.

Language skills being a very vital appendage in today’s business environment, EnviroTech Education, has created a unique program for students. They aim to provide the student with a knowledge and proficiency of a professional, who will be able to operate in any industry and under any circumstance.


Some salient features of the course:

* Under the ELICOS program, the course is broken into 3 parts:

* Spoken and Written English II

* Spoken and Written English III

* Spoken and Written English IV

* Industry ready curriculum

* Highly qualified teachers and trainers

* Visiting faculties from reputed institutes

* State of the art training methodology

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