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Australian Marine & Environmental Vocational Education Reform - Free Webinar

15.02.2021 at 08:54

On the 22 Feb at 2pm (QLD time), Envirotech Education will offer a free live webinar. It's now opened for registration. 

All along the Australian coast, a wide range of hands-on marine development, construction, conservation and restoration projects have been taking place as our marine habitats are under stress.   

Previously there were no Marine Vocational Education and Training (VET/TVET) funded employment pathways. Consequently, we have expensive labour, not insufficient qualified people who are specifically trained for the entry level accredited work.

Envirotech Education has developed unique courses on Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration. The courses consist of practical units providing skills and knowledge around ecosystem restoration. They are designed for people who have the desire to learn both underwater working skills and leadership in marine restoration and conservation. This will empower local communities to take the marine and environmental initiative in their own hands.

Marine and environmental protection industries can lead the VET marine and environmental reform to provide funded school based marine and environmental apprentices and trainees for jobs & higher education pathways. 




02:00 - 02:07


Welcome to the Country: Indigenous people and the sea


02:07 - 02:10

Marine, Environmental Management Sustainability VET Reform

Environmental, employment, economic and social benefits of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform


02:10 - 02:15

Australia can lead the Global VET environmental education benchmarking

The Australian environmental VET Reform can lead the international vocational standards, networks, and partnerships


02:15 - 02:20

Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration VET Accreditation


02:20 - 02:25

Environmental Management and Sustainability VET Qualification Programs


02:25 - 02:35

Identifying VET Environmental Critical Priority Skills

Prioritising and funding the VET Environmental occupations, provide jobs in Government, Industry, and community's partnerships


02:35 - 02:45

VET in High Schools and Indigenous Communities

Removing the glass ceiling from entry to marine & environmental jobs by building career bridges, from schools to VET & universities


02:45 - 02:50

The Blue Economy

International 12 years projects powered by the World Bank


02:50 - 03:05

Testimonials from Industries and Graduates


03:05 - 03:15

Open Forum


03:15 - 03:20

Closing Remarks



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