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Work Placement


Improving employability skills and preparing students for the Australian job market


Work permit issues asside, the competition for graduate jobs in Australia is high and challenging. As an international student, you are competing against local students who are familiar with the local culture and whose first language is English. Having a second or postgraduate qualification is no guarantee to gaining a job, and you may need to put extra effort into persuading an employer to hire you.

We know that moving to a new country can be a great adventure; meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, exploring new places. However there are times when things can become a little overwhelming and get off track. This can impact all aspects of life; leading to depression, isolation and withdrawal- which then impact the students ability to  keep up with academic requirements, and financial obligations. This is why we’ve initiated Fridays’ Employability skills and student support. During one-on-one sessions, we explore challenges, emotions and obstacles, and come up with achievable action plans designed to equip students with tools and strategies to move forward.

These often include many of the skills cited in the Australian employability skills framework, such as self-management, communication, planning, etc.

The current labour market in Australia is becoming very competitive with the changes in the Economic landscape.

International students often find the labour market difficult to enter into.

Learning how to represent their skills and talents to best meet the Australian market gives them a competitive advantage and a fair chance of gaining employment.

On Fridays, students who attend the sessions learn how to create a resume tailored to the Australian job market, how to use Linked In, networking opportunities and more. Each student is provided with a tailor-made action-plan which will help them focus and attain stronger results.




Below is a table containing ways to improve your employability skills and persuade employers you are  competent and worthy.

Areas which impact on your employability How you can improve
Poor English language skills
  • Talk to (local) Australian students at every opportunity
  • Watch English TV/films/news; listen to local radio
  • Use the Student Learning Centre on campus for English language assistance
  • Take an English conversation class outside University
  • Participate in group tutorials and present information
  • Resist the temptation to speak in your first language
Poor written English skills
Difficulty fitting in outside own cultural group
  • Talk to Australian people at every opportunity
  • Try to make friends with local students on campus and participate in seminars and tutorials
  • Join groups and societies on campus to increase chances of integration and development of mixed social networks
  • Observe sociocultural behaviours to increase understanding of local practices and expectations
Unfamiliar with Australian work practices
Inappropriate/unimpressive Resume/Cover Letter/Selection Criteria for the Australian job market
  • Attend weekly Resume Clinic to gain information and assistance from a Career Development Consultant
  • Attend a Drop In to have your documents checked by a Career Development Consultant
  • Read handouts on Writing your CV for information on layout/language and local employer expectations
  • Attend our regular Job search success presentations on CV preparation and other written documents
  • Download a copy of our presentation from our seminar series
Poor Interview skills
  • Attend a Drop In for individual advice from a Career Development Consultant
  • Attend our regular Job search success presentations on interview preparation
  • Register to participate in our Mock Interview evening to gain current information from Australian employers and the opportunity to practise your skills


Cannot articulate skills or clearly match to job requirements
  • Undertake voluntary/community work to increase employability skills and increase awareness of employer expectations
  • Register for GradJobs to become familiar with job criteria and how you meet these
  • Attend our regular Job search success presentations
  • Register for our Professional Development programs to enhance your workplace skills
  • Refer to the University Graduate Qualities to understand the key qualities and skills you are developing during your degree
Poor networking skills/lack of professional contacts
  • Attend Careers fairs and employers events on campus to meet industry representatives and practise your networking skills
  • Join your professional association to gain access to local industry events
  • Join social networking sites to open up professional networks and connect with industry
  • Talk to everyone you meet to make connections, and don’t underestimate who or what they know