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Our internship program’s primary aim is to provide internship students with valuable work experience using their vocation skills successfully in industry, in the context of our institution.

Participation in this program will provide an intern with work experience, which will be linked to your course of study at Envirotech. It is an unpaid position for a fixed duration.

This work experience and employment training will be of no charge to you.

In the event you wish to be part of this internship program,ou will be given the opportunity to learn from our experienced staff and gain hands on work experience that you just can’t get in any classroom.

As a first time job seeker, or if you are pursing a career change, this opportunity will give you the experience that will assist with your future employment ambitions, especially as many future employers may be just as interested in your work experience as they are in your formal qualifications.

Our internship program is an ideal opportunity for any intern to get their business, management, project management or marketing initial work experience, which will be a vital part of one’s future employment resume.

Other benefits of our internship program include:

1. Find out about different aspects of work in a business environment.

2. Future long term career prospects with Envirotech Institute of Education at the end of the Internship.

3. Assist with personal decisions such as whether you are suitable for a particular career or job choice.

4. Networking opportunities. Our internship program is a great way to meet other professional working people who may be able to help you with future job opportunities or with personal and/or professional references required for future job applications.

5. Immediate opportunity to use class-room acquired skills.

6. Develop a “can – do” level of confidence supported by real work environment experiences invaluable at any future job interview.

7. Participate in Envirotech scholarship draw, outstanding interns will receive scholarship against a course full internship (conditions apply).