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Roberta Beltrao


I have long been passionate about the environment as shown through my diverse education and career. I am lucky enough to be able to incorporate that passion into my love of people and educating those around me. I am charged with developing Environment based course here at Envirotech Education.

I am a highly determined person and I take this into every task I take on which I feel leads the best example for those around me, both my peers and students. I am often hard at work developing the highest quality courses in order to completely engage and educate the students who come on board with us. I always hope that each of the individuals get the most out of their courses and become passionate life-long learners.

Having travelled vastly in my life, I am able to understand the unique hurdles that our students are faced and can support them in a multitude of ways. Whether it be with the educational endeavours or their work lives, I have strong knowledge in scientific and environmental areas as well as my ow person…

Yong Yang


My name is Yong Yang. I came from China. I got my Bachelor Degree in Communication Engineering from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China in 1997, Master Degree in Computer Science from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China in 2003, and PhD Degree in Computer Application Technology from Southwest Jiaotong University, China in 2009. I was an Associate Professor in Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and an Assistant Professor in Inha University, South Korea. My research interests include pattern recognition, data mining and machine learning. Currently, I am the Chinese marketing manager, and a trainer in IT department in Envirotech International College.

As the Chinese marketing manager, I am very glad to introduce the creative and high quality programs in Envirotech to Chinese students, and I also endeavor to help Chinese students to pursuit Australia dreams in Envirotech.

As a trainer in IT department, I love teaching and my goal is to deliver IT courses that can successfully qualify my students to join the IT work in Australia and to succeed in this competitive industry.

Lesley Siu


My name is Lesley Siu and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I have a Bachelors Degree in Education, a Bachelors Degree in English and Philosophy, and I am also a certified professional print editor. Before coming to Australia, I taught English language and literature in both Canada and the U.K.

As a traveler and an educator, I have always strongly believed in creating a well-balanced, interactive, engaging environment where students can develop intellectually and socially. To me, education is not only about academics, but also about helping students develop and excel in their everyday lives. I always strive to engage my students by understanding their concerns and interests and by encouraging them to make connections between what they learn and what they experience around them.

In my opinion, good teaching involves nurturing the student as an individual

Barbarah Sharon


Hello, my name is Barbarah and I’m a TESOL provider. 
I am an enthusiastic teacher and a student of languages.  I love teaching English. I have experience teaching people in international classes. I have also worked with various nationalities in previous jobs, including my time as a translator, and as an interpreter at the Rio 20+ United Nations conference on sustainable development. I was an English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese interpreter. I have a Bachelors Degree in Languages and I’m an ELICOS TESOL provider. I am a passionate, dynamic and fun teacher. I enjoy interacting with students from around the world. I love playing volleyball and dancing.

Kincaid Ashmore


I am originally from Melbourne, the best city in Australia with the worst weather!

My background is in Laboratory Science, but I decided to change scenery and career and moved to South East Asia. For the last 14 years I’ve been teaching English and other subjects to many different levels of students in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. I also continued my own studies during this time and have worked in some interesting companies along the way.

I now have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, a Diploma of Business Administration, a Diploma of Applied Science in Laboratory Chemistry, a Certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

I am excited to be back in Australia on the beautiful Gold Coast and teaching in Envirotech International College where I get to meet many interesting people from around the world and assist them with their studies. Maybe you will see me swimming or surfing at the beach when I’m not enjoying the great food and scenery here, feel free to say hello!

Laura Casarotto


Hi, My name is Laura Casarotto, I am originally from Brazil but I have been living in Australia since 2007. I have over 10 years experience working as a Chef both in Brazil and Australia. Most of my experience comes from working with fine dining cuisine where I had the chance to learn so much about different kinds of cooking technics and produce.

I am passionate about what I do and I cannot wait to start sharing my knowledge with Envirotech students. Hope to see you all soon in the kitchen.

Pedro Peterson


My name is Pedro Peterson, and I am from Venezuela. I hold a Bachelor degree in Information Technology and a certificate that is the equivalent to an Australian Diploma in Advertising.

I am among those who support the idea that teaching someone else is the best way to learn. My desire for Vocational teaching is something that has grown over time, having worked at management capacity as marketing coordinator; I had the responsibility to participate in the selection process of new visual merchandiser team member, do one to one, and team training, and development, this stage of my professional career made me realize how rewarding is to be involved in people’s development.

Javier Caliz


My name is Javier Caliz and I come from Spain. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Master in Marketing and External Relations. I complete all these qualifications in Spain, Holland and United Kingdom. Marketing is one of my the passions of my life and I am so grateful of being working in something that I love.

My goal at Envirotech is to promote the school to those international students who are looking to achieve their professional skills while the live one of the best experiences in their life… Australia, where dreams come true.

Jennifer Bilao


Mabuhay! My name is Jenny and I am from the Philippines.

I am a part of the Enrolments, Marketing, and SVP team of Envirotech, in coordinating with education agents and supporting international students in their plans to come to Australia to acquire quality education.

Prior to arriving Gold Coast to study Project Management and Marketing, I have earned my Bachelors degree in Psychology and Masters in Management in the Philippines and that played an integral role into shaping my education and career goals. I bring with me over 10 years professional experience in a multinational export company that gave me the opportunity to work with diverse nationalities, meet new people, and assist them under the admin department.

I have been exposed to handling events and conferences, travel and visa applications, and supporting mostly executives and business associates. During this time, I was awarded a marketing position in Auckland, New Zealand that led me to follow my dream today in the marketing field. When I first came to Gold Coast, I fell in love with the environment, the fresh air, and the vibrant city vibe. Being an international student myself in Australia, I genuinely understand the excitement as well as the uncertainty of living in a new country. Come to Envirotech and I will be more than happy to listen and assist you.

Jerahlid Miro


Hi! My name is Jera.

My role at Envirotech International college is that of ICT Trainer and Assessor where I spend my time delivering ICT courses and supporting students through to their graduation. I also participate in ICT Academic Development which offers me the opportunity to further fulfill my passion for learning and development. I am always looking for ways to further expand my knowledge and skill set to stay excited and motivated for my students.

I often look to find creative ways to engage with my students in order to allow myself to be put in their shoes as I believe it builds stronger relationships with each individual, thus allowing me to find what motivates them on a more personal level.

I am heavily involved in developing the highest quality materials for delivery in our Envirotech classrooms. I believe that by providing our students with great resources, I can enable them to take control of their own educational success. While I do take a very hands-on approach to motivating my students in reaching their educational goals, I believe that giving them full accountability allows for them to develop into self-motivating learners.

Looking forward to meet you!