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RPL Process


4 steps for RPL

1. RPL initial application

Students should apply for recognition at enrollment or in the two (2) weeks following enrollment.

The student, with support from Envirotech, will have to identify the appropriate qualification / unit for which they seek recognition.

RPL applications must be supported with the applicant’s current CV.

2. Personal Interview

Envirotech will interview the student and will advise of RPL selected units and the evidence gathering requirements.

The interview allows time to examine applicants CV, and assisting students on how to construct a reasonable evidence portfolio.

The student will be given access to the full curriculum, so they can clearly identify the learning outcomes or competencies and the type of required evidence.

3. Gather and Submit your work

The gathering of competency evidence is the fundamental stage of the RPL where each individual student must seek the unique work outcomes demonstrating their skills and knowledge.

To submit the RPL an application form should be completed and forwarded to Envirotech with all supporting evidence.

4. RPL finalisation

Envirotech will then analyse individual experience and qualifications and compare them against appropriate learning outcomes/competency statements.

If the claim matches the learning outcomes/competencies, then full recognition is granted.

When a professional gap is identified by Envirotech the student may be required to complete gap training.

Students may appeal the decision and ask for a subject matter expert to make a recommendation. The cost of this further process will be met by the student.

A letter of advice of the outcome will be forwarded to the applicant within two weeks of the final decision.