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RPL Centre


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal recognition of a person’s current skills and knowledge through a process of mapping their professional experience accumulated through work, study and life experiences to the requirements of a registered training program.

Our task as an RTO is to map and validate the evidence provided by applicants against the relevant training package requirements.

In some cases where specific competencies cannot be evidenced, gap training and assessment will be required to ensure that entire competency criteria are met.

Envirotech offers students the opportunity to apply for RPL to all students upon enrolment.

It is your right to be awarded for your skills and experience and we will be privileged to assist you achieve this goal.

The RPL process is rewarding and engages applicants through the process to create a portfolio demonstrating their accumulated professional achievements

For further information about  RPL and the process at Envirotech use the links:

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