Please take the time to read our Enrolment Terms and Conditions. This is key information for all Envirotech Education students to peruse to ensure a smooth enrolment and stay in Australia. These important policies and procedures have been put in place to make sure that each of our Envirotech Students are aware of their obligations in all aspects of living and learning here in Australia.

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Students must provide evidence of sufficient vocational experience in the management field (or in a relevant senior position) to ensure that they have the capacity to achieve the required rigour and depth of training, and have the ability to meet all of the competency requirements in this accelerated timeframe by building on their previously gained skills and knowledge.

Students must be competent in literacy in order to fulfil course requirements.

Students with English as a second language must have a minimum English level equivalent to 5.5 IELTS.

International students will have to meet the English requirements as per the Department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) according to their country of origin. More information about the English requirements can be found

Students who require LLN support will be placed in assistance days in addition to their normal class schedule. LLN support will be coordinate directly with the academic support person for each individual student.

Email and internet access- Learners must provide Envirotech with their email address during the enrolment process. Learners must have access to the internet and their email account after school hours. Envirotech provides its students with internet access at the Campus area.

Computer access- Learners must have, and bring with them to class, their own laptop computers which will be used both in class and outside class to complete home projects and research activities.

Envirotech provides students with daily loan laptops and working stations (Desktop computers).

Microsoft Office Package- Learners must have Microsoft Office 2010, a later version of Office, or an equivalent software installed on their laptops.

Under Age Students- Learners must be 18 years or above

Dress code- While students participate in vocational placement and work-based training; they are required to adhere to the workplace dress code.




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Envirotech Institute of Education (Envirotech) in compliance with the RTO Standards, the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 of the Commonwealth of Australia (ESOS) and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students, established pursuant to Part 4 of the ESOS Act (National Code) a Refund Policy and Procedure which is to be provided to international students studying in Australia on a student visa, before formalisation of their enrolment.

Envirotech shall at all times enter into a written agreement with students and set out Envirotech refund requirements if default is made by the student or Envirotech.

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This policy is to ensure that all Envirotech students have, and know that they have, a clear right to fair and equitable treatment in all of their dealings with Envirotech. Any expressed dissatisfaction is valuable feedback, and important learning opportunity and input to our continuous improvement process.

Should a student receive unfair or inappropriate treatment in their dealings with Envirotech, they should address the issue directly with their trainer.

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Envirotech Institute of Education (Envirotech) in compliance with the RTO Standards, the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 of the Commonwealth of Australia (ESOS) and Standard 7 of the National Code Part 4, recognises international students as consumers and supports them to exercise choice, while acknowledging that they may also be a group that requires support to transition to study in Australia. This policy draws the requirements and guide decision making by pointing to the range of factors that ought to be taken into account. It is also provides directions on the individual circumstances of the student that should be considered in order to determine if the transfer will be to the detriment of the student.

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The purpose of this policy is to governs the circumstances in which a student can defer, suspend or cancel their enrolment with Envirotech, and under what circumstances Envirotech will initiate a suspension or cancellation of course enrolment. This policy meets the requirements of Standard 13 of the National Code 2007.

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Envirotech Institute of Education (Envirotech) is committed to protecting Personal Information provided by individuals. Envirotech will collect, manage, use and disclose Personal Information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and all relevant legislation and the Australian Privacy Principles.

The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to:

1.1. Outline how the Envirotech deals with Personal Information, including health information it collects to ensure that it complies with the national Privacy Act 1988

1.2. Clearly communicate the personal information handling practices of Envirotech

1.3. Give Envirotech students, staff and other individuals a better understanding of the sort of personal information that Envirotech holds and a clear understanding and guidance in the treatment and access of personal and private information collected and held by Envirotech

1.4. Enhance the transparency of Envirotech operations

1.5. Support the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 2015

For the full policy please click here (PDF)


Below you can find a list for common asked questions by our agents:

1. Does the student need to make a deposit to get a COE?
Yes, a deposit is required in order to receive a COE*. Students on scholarship programs will have a ‘Nil’ deposit, and will receive their CoE without any payment. Please, contact our enrolments team for further information.
[link to Contact Us]
*Confirmation of Enrolment

2. How long will it take to get a COE from Envirotech?
As soon as all required documents are received, COE will be processed in a timely manner. 

3. How long will it take to get an Offer Letter from Envirotech?
Once you complete the Online Enrolment Form, please send us an email identifying yourself as the student’s representative so we can direct all correspondence to you. Offers are normally being processed at the same day of the complete application being submitted

4. What are the visas Envirotech works with?
Envirotech has vast experience dealing with Student/ Working Holiday/ Partner visa holders and offshore applications.

5. How long is the processing time for a Student Visa 500?
Once the visa is lodged, Immigration allows one month for processing student visa applications both from onshore and offshore candidates. Please, refer to the DIBP Website for more information regarding visa processing time []

6. What documents does the candidate need to apply for Student Visa 500?
DIBP provides an online tool where you can see what evidences you will need to submit for your student’s visa application. Also, DIBP is entitled to ask you for additional evidence if necessary.  You can access the tool here. []

7. What are the refund and cancellation policies?
Envirotech team is always on the move to provide Agencies and Students with the best customer service and experience. Each situation is assessed on a case to case basis. Please, refer to our refund policy here.
[link to Policies]

8. What OSHC provider does Envirotech work with?
Medibank is the official Envirotech partner. In the case that your students have their own preferences, you will be required to send a copy of the policy covering the duration of selected course in order to receive the COE.

9. How do I get the details about the schedule of courses my students will take?
You can access the courses details via this website, as well as our marketing materials. Our office team is always available to assist you with any enquires, so feel free to communicate directly to your Envirotech point of contact to receive any update regarding your students’ schedule. We will endeavour to keep you updated about our programs.

10. Where can the student find information about course details and fees?
Students can find all the details about the course of interest on the website as well as download our brochures and pricelist by clicking here. [link to courses home page]

11. Where can I find the Student Handbook?
It is always available for our students to refer to on their e-learning platform account, but you can also download it here. [link to Student Handbook location]. Our Student Handbook contains important information that can instruct our new students about our school and community. 

12. Why is Induction mandatory and how often inductions are conducted?  
Inductions at Envirotech are every Friday, 9am and create a good foundation for the students who will be completing the course and sets the standards for the duration of their chosen course.
This involves a familiarisation with the program requirements, a tour of training facilities, an introduction to Envirotech staff, safety procedures, and information about student services, policies and procedures. It introduces students to the learning environment at Envirotech campus. International students will be provided with additional information about living in Australia, and the Gold Coast or Byron Bay area and will receive their Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) card and student card.
Students will also complete any Pre-Requisites required to a course program during their scheduled induction

13. What is the required attendance?
ELICOS* students must attend classes five days a week from 9am to 2pm and will be monitored to demonstrate 80% attendance.
VET** students must attend classes twice a week according to the courses’ timetable.
*English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students **Vocational Educational Training

14. What is the minimum academic grade to pass the course?
Envirotech assessments are competency based. To be competent in the course, the students must successfully answer all assignments of each unit of competency. Quiz format requires to score 100% and written assignments at least 65%.
Students must complete all required units with a Competency grade to receive their national registered certificate.

15. How can I stay up to date with my students’ progress?
As a matter of confidentiality, you may only can acquire this information by contacting our student registrar for updates regarding your student progress. Envirotech will also copy you on warning letters for non- academic progress your student receive
[link to Contact Us]

16. Where can I find partner agents in my country?
Envirotech maintains an updated list of Registered Agents on the website. You can access here.
[link to Agents List location]

17. How can I access the figures about Envirotech Students?
We provide an exclusive portal for Agents where you can gather significant information about our current students’ ratio. Please, access here. [link to Agents location]

18. How long does it take to become a Registered Agent?
After completing the process, our contract administrator will assess your application, contact references, and send you your agent agreement. Once the contract is signed, you will become our official representative. Timeframe will depend on your referees’ responsiveness and your completion of the agent application. Normally agreement will be signed within 3-4 days

19. Do I have to speak in English with Envirotech team?
While highly benificial, this is not a strict requirement. We have a qualified multicultural staff, most of which are fluent in at least two languages. This enables us to offer high level and personalized customer service in more than ten languages. 

20. Can I use Envirotech promotional materials?
Yes. We have downloadable promotional materials via the link below.
Please access here. [link to Mkt Materials location]